Best Tricks To Make Games Run Faster On Any Windows

Most of us are PC user. We can also play many video games on our PC. But Sometimes The games are lagging. It’s really frustrated us so much. So now, I am gonna share you some Best Tricks To Make Games Run Faster On Any Windows. I also share with you some important software name for playing games smoothly without errors and crashing like dll file missing, 00000000×1 error e.t.c. These tricks are really working to Make Games Run Faster on any PC.

Let’s Start, How To Make Games Run Faster On Any Windows

First of all, Download and Install DirectX 11, Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Net Framework 4.5

Download DirectX 11

Download Microsoft Visual C++

Download Microsoft Net Framework 4.5

Okay now click on Windows button and search Run then open it.

Windows run

After opening Run, type %temp% and click on OK.

Now select all and Delete.

game booster

Again open Run and type temp then press OK.

game booster

It needs permission so click Continue.

how to make pc faster

Again select all and Delete

If you are using Laptop then right click on Battery and select power option.

Now select High Performance and close this.

Now click on windows button then right click on computer then go to properties. If your os is Windows 10, click on windows button search This PC and Then right click this pc and go to properties.

game booster

Go to Advanced System Settings.

You see a new tab opening named system properties. Now go to the Advanced section and click on Performance settings.

How make computer faster

Then you see a new tab opening again go to the Advanced section and then click on changes.

Now here is something to understand. After set custom size you need to do a small calculation. If you have 2 GB ram on your pc set Initial size  2048 MB (2 x 1024) and set Maximum size 4096 MB (4 x 1024) Or If you have 4 GB Ram on your pc set the initial size  4096 MB (4 x 1024) and set Maximum size 8192 MB (8 x 1024).

PC Game

After doing all the steps restart your Computer or Laptop and play games more smoothly than the previous time. Hope you understand the math for doing the last step. Also hope, You can successfully Make Games Run Faster on your windows. If you have any other problems just ask me in the comment section.


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