How To Root Android Phone By Kingroot App

Rooting your Android phone gives you greater access to its operating system and You can also get extra features by Rooting your Android Phone. So here is a trick to Root Android Phone Using KingRoot. KingRoot is a powerful app for rooting Android Phones.

Here is The Download Link: Kingroot Download

Let’s See The Method to Root Android Phone using KingRoot app

First of all, We need to download the King Root app. Open any Internet Browser you have. Then Search Kingroot.

root phone

And then go to this link

root phone

Click on this link and download the King Root app.

root phone

After download, Install the Kingroot app. When you installing the app, it says “installation blocked”. Don’t Worry, Click on more details and then click “install anyway (unsafe)”.


root android phone

After installing Kingroot app, Go to your Android Phone Setting and find the Accessibility setting. Open Accessibility setting, You see Kingroot, Just open it up and Switch on it.

root device

Open Accessibility setting, You see Kingroot, Just open it up and Switch on it.

root device

When you trying to switch on it, It needs permission. Press ok.

Then open the King Root app. After opening it, It checks your Device Rooted or Not.

root android

After checking complete, It says Device is not Root yet. Then click on “Try Root” Then you see, the Root process is Starting.

It takes some time to complete the process.

root device simply

So then, You are done. Your phone is Rooted Successfully.

root android phone


Why Some Times, Rooting Fail ??

There are different types of versions of the rooting system which match different versions of the OS as well as phone models. if you didn’t get the suitable version of the root tool to your phone, it is more likely for you to fail to root. Some of Android Version Like Marshmallow, Oreo e.t.c Fail to root sometimes Because of some Technical Reason.

Soon I will share with you another tricks to Root Android Phone



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