How To speed Up Windows 7 For Better Performance

Everyone wants a faster PC and a Better PC Performace. So, Today I will show you some Awesome and Amazing Tricks for Make Your Windows faster. The tricks and tips only for Windows 7. So Follow this Tricks and Tips to speed up the performance of your Windows 7 Computer or Laptop. This tricks and tips are simple and Easy to do for Speed Up Windows 7.

Let’s Start How To Speed Up Windows 7

Step 1: Speed up boot time and disable startup apps

speed up pc

Click on start menu option and search “msconfig

speed up computer

Then open “msconfig

speed up computer

After opening it, Go to Boot option.

speed up computer

Then set timeout 30 seconds to 5 seconds.

speed up my pc

Then go to Startup option and Deselect unnecessary app like iTunes then click on apply and ok.

speed up my pc

After doing this, Do not Restart your Computer or Laptop. Restart your Computer or Laptop after doing all these steps but If you restart your Computer or Laptop don’t worry, Just continue all these steps and then again restart.

Step 2: Enable high-performance power option ( This step is for Laptop )

how to speed up laptop

Right click on Battery and Left click on Power Options

speed up computer

Then Scroll Down arrow key and select the High-performance power plan then close it.

Step 3: Defrag your mechanical hard drive

speed up computer

Click on Start Menu and search defrag and select Disc defragmenter then open it.

speed up computer or Laptop

After open Disc defragmenter select “Disc C:” and Click on Defragment disc.

speed up computer

It takes some time to complete the process. After completing the process close it.

Step 4: Clean up junk and temp files


You Ccleaner to clean junk and temp files. Ccleaner is a very good and necessary software for PC. Open Ccleaner and Click on Run Cleaner. It will automatically Delete junk and temp file from your Laptop or Computer.

Here is CCleaner Download Link: Download

I hope, This tricks and tips are working for you and you are Successfully Speed Up Windows 7. I tried this tricks on many Computers and Laptops. So It is really working tricks and tips. If you have any other problems on your PC you can ask me in the Comment section.


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